Photo by Kai Pilger / Unsplash

Here you will find an organized list of German episodes. Click here for a pretty, but less organized view.

I chose German to come up with an idea for this blog since I had not studied it yet. I wanted to remember what it was like to be a very beginner in a new language: that way, I could design effective exercises that I would enjoy doing at this level. Intermediate-level students have access to all kinds of content available on YouTube and Netflix. However, getting from zero to basic comprehension without overwhelming or boring the learner to tears is challanging.

Hans and Vicki (Level 1)

EP 01 - Vicki asks for eggs.
EP 02 - Hans forgets the eggs.
EP 03 - Hans goes back to the market.
EP 04 - Hans helps makes quiche.
EP 05 - They go for a walk.

Short Stories (Level 2)

Timo Goes to America