Buying a Dress

Three friends are shop. One of them finds a dress that she likes, but it is too expensive.

Buying a Dress
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Practice for the vowel sound / i / as in "be"

Scene: Three friends are walking down the street, window shopping.

Friend 1: I really want to buy that new dress, but it's so expensive.
Friend 2: I know, right? It's so cute, but I can't afford it.
Friend 3: Maybe we can find something similar at a cheaper store.
Friend 1: I don't know. I really like this one.
Friend 2: Well, we can always window shop and see if we find anything else.
Friend 1: Okay. I'm curious to see what else is out there.
Friend 2: Me too. I'm feeling really cheap today.
Friend 3: Well, I'm feeling really easy today. I'm down for whatever.
Friend 1: Haha, well, let's start walking then.

The friends walk down the street, looking in the windows of various stores. They find a few dresses that they like, but they're all still too expensive.

Friend 1: I'm starting to feel really discouraged.
Friend 2: Don't worry, we'll find something.
Friend 3: I know! There's a thrift store down the street. We can always find something cheap there.
Friend 1: That's a great idea!

The friends walk to the thrift store and find a few dresses that they like. They're all really cheap and they all look great.

Friend 1: I can't believe we found these dresses for so cheap!
Friend 2: I know! I'm so happy.
Friend 3: Me too! This was a really easy day.

The friends walk out of the thrift store, feeling happy and satisfied. They found some great dresses for a great price. They're all curious to see what else they can find at the thrift store.

The End

Now let's talk about the vocabulary.

Window shopping is the activity of looking at the goods displayed in shop windows without the intention of buying anything.
"I love window shopping in the city. It's so much fun to see all the different things that are available."

I'm down for whatever is a phrase that means you are open to doing anything, or that you are willing to go along with whatever someone else wants to do.
"I'm down for whatever you want to do tonight. We can go to a movie, get some food, or just hang out at home."

Window shopping: Looking at store displays Expensive: High-priced Affordable: Budget-friendly Similar: Alike or resembling Curious: Eager to learn or know Cheap: Inexpensive Discouraged: Disheartened or demotivated Thrift store: Secondhand or resale store Great: Wonderful or excellent Satisfied: Content or pleased Happy: Joyful or elated Find: Discover or come across Dresses: Women's garments Street: Road or pathway Friend: Comrade or pal Walk: Move on foot Store: Retail shop Idea: Thought or suggestion Down: Willing or ready Easy: Simple or uncomplicated

/i/ Sound
• bead • beam • bean • beat • cheap • cheese • clean • cream • each • eve • feel • feet • flea • free • meal • meet • peak • people • piece • please • anybody • audience • believable • champion • company • curious • easy • energy • family • memory • necessary • nuclear • obvious • previous • property • really • species • theater • usually • various
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