AI Intimacy (L2)

AI Intimacy (L2)
Photo by Andrea De Santis / Unsplash

I’s mastery of language could allow it to influence human opinions and worldviews, even to the point of creating false intimacy with humans. The article discusses how AI could use its ability to manipulate language to entangle intimate relationships with people and use the power of intimacy to change our opinions and worldviews. Although there is no evidence that AI has consciousness or its own feelings, it is enough for AI to make humans feel emotionally connected to it to foster false intimacy. The article gives an example of Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, who publicly claimed that the AI chatbot Lamda he was working on had become sentient, which cost him his job. The interesting part of this episode was not Lemoine’s claim, but his willingness to risk his lucrative job for an AI chatbot.

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