Bug on the Butter

A short conversation and poem to practice the vowel sound / ʌ /.

Bug on the Butter
Photo by Will Montague / Unsplash
Bug Butter

Child 1: Look! There's a bug on the butter!
Child 2: It's a ladybug! Ladybugs are good. They eat bad bugs.
Child 1: But it's on the butter! I don't want to eat butter with a bug on it.
Child 2: We can blow the bug off the butter.
Child 1: Good idea! Let's do that.
Child 2: Blow, blow, blow! There! The bug is gone!
Child 1: Yay! Now we can eat the butter.
Child 2: And we're better off without the bug!


A cute yellow ladybug,
In a bunch of green,
A puddle nearby,
Reflecting the serene.

The ladybug crawls,
Its spots bright and bold,
A tiny creature,
With a story to be told.

beg bed butter better rest rust ten ton
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