Let it Blow

A children's story about a fart that destroyed a playground.

Let it Blow
Photo by Oakville News / Unsplash
Note: This lesson features somewhat crude humor for kids about farting.

The gas was brewing, couldn't hold it in anymore,
So I let it rip with all the force I had in store.
I thought it was just a fart, harmless and light,
But boy was I wrong, it was dynamite!

The kids on the playground were having a blast,
Until my fart exploded, and they ran away fast.
The swings and the slides, all blown apart,
Who knew a fart could cause such a scene,
A stinky disaster, if you know what I mean.

But I can't hide, can't deny, what I did that day,
I'm sorry for the destruction, it wasn't planned that way.
So if you see me around, please don't run away,
It was just a fart, it’s not here to stay,
So let’s all move on and enjoy our day!

Brewing - to make or prepare Rip - to tear or split apart Harmless - not dangerous or harmful Dynamite - a powerful explosive Playground - an outdoor area for children to play Exploded - to burst or blow up Swings - seats suspended by ropes or chains Slides - a structure for sliding down Scene - a place where an incident occurred Disaster - a sudden event causing great damage Deny - to refuse to acknowledge or admit Destruction - the act of destroying something Planned - arranged in advance Move on - to continue with life after a setback Enjoy - to take pleasure in something