Max and the Strange Creature

Embark on an enchanting journey with Max, a curious young boy who discovers a mysterious creature living behind his house.

Max and the Strange Creature

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Max who lived in a small village on the edge of a large forest. One day, as he was playing in the garden, he heard a strange noise behind the shed. Curious, he went to investigate and discovered a small, furry creature with big eyes and pointed ears.

Max was surprised and a little scared, but the creature seemed friendly. It made little hops and wagged its tail. Max cautiously reached out his hand and the creature sniffed it. Then it jumped onto his arm and snuggled up to him.

Max was delighted. He had never seen such a strange and cute creature before. He decided to keep it and named it Fips. Every day he played with Fips in the garden and fed it berries and nuts from the forest.

But one day Max noticed that Fips looked sad. It didn’t eat anymore and didn’t want to play. Max was worried and wondered what was wrong. Finally, he decided to take Fips back to the forest, hoping that it would be happier there.

As they reached the edge of the forest, they suddenly heard a loud roar. Max was startled, but Fips jumped from his arm and ran towards the sound. Max followed him and saw Fips run to a large, furry creature that looked like a mix between a bear and a lynx.

The large creature picked up Fips and hugged it. Then it turned to Max and made a deep bow. Max suddenly understood that Fips belonged to this creature and that it had missed him.

He smiled and waved goodbye as Fips and the large creature disappeared into the forest. Max was sad that he had lost Fips, but he was also happy that he had helped him find his family again.

And so ends the story of Max and the strange creature behind his house.

You can practice speaking or writing by answering these questions:

  1. Who is Max?
  2. What does Max find behind his house?
  3. What does the strange creature look like?
  4. How does Max react to the strange creature?
  5. What does Max do with the strange creature?
  6. Why does Max take the strange creature back to the forest?
  7. What happens at the edge of the forest?
  8. What does Max understand at the end of the story?


  • Village: a small town in the countryside
  • Forest: a large area covered with trees
  • Shed: a small building used for storage
  • Curious: wanting to know or learn something
  • Furry: covered with fur, a soft hair
  • Creature: an animal or being
  • Cautiously: carefully, to avoid danger or mistakes
  • Snuggled: to lie close and comfortably
  • Delighted: very happy and pleased
  • Berries: small, juicy fruits with seeds
  • Nuts: a hard-shelled fruit with an edible kernel
  • Roar: a loud, deep sound made by a large animal
  • Startled: surprised and slightly frightened
  • Hugged: to hold someone tightly in your arms
  • Bow: to bend the head or body forward as a sign of respect
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