Midjourney is a company that makes pictures using AI. They have a new version of their program.


Midjourney is a company that makes pictures using AI. They have a new version of their program, called 5.2. This version has a new feature that lets you zoom out on pictures. This means you can see more of the picture, like when you zoom out with a camera. The new version also has other improvements, like better picture quality and more variety in the pictures it makes. Some people really like the new version and think it is amazing. But, some artists are worried about how Midjourney makes its pictures, because they use many pictures from the internet without asking for permission.

AI: Artificial intelligence; computer systems that can learn.
Zoom: To change the size of an image.
Version: A particular form of something.
Feature: A special or important part.
Variety: Many different types of things.
Permission: Approval to do something.
Program: A set of instructions for a computer.
Quality: How good or bad something is.
Amazing: Very surprising and impressive.
Artist: A person who creates art.
Internet: A global network of computers.
Worried: Feeling anxious or concerned.

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Midjourney v5.2 features camera-like zoom control over framing, more realism.
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