News (May 10, 2023)

News (May 10, 2023)
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash
  • Charles III crowned King: Charles III has taken his oath and been crowned King in a ceremony witnessed by over two thousand guests and dignitaries in Westminster Abbey and millions more around the world. His wife Camilla has been crowned Queen. Gun salutes sounded across the UK as St Edward's Crown was placed on the King's head by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. The coronation was the first in 70 years and featured some modifications to the liturgy to reflect a more ecumenical and multicultural Britain.

  • Drone attack on Kremlin: Two Ukrainian drones slammed into the Kremlin, causing a fireball near the roof of one building early Wednesday, the Russian government said in a statement. The statement said no one was injured in what it described as a "terrorist act" and characterized the attack as an assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin, vowing retaliation. Ukraine denied responsibility for the explosions, saying it does not attack targets on Russian territory. Some experts and officials suggested the explosions could be a false flag operation carried out by Russia to justify a harsh response against Ukraine.

  • Student loan forgiveness: Several Republican-led states are trying to stop President Biden's plan to cancel up to $10,000 in federal student debt per borrower, arguing that it would be unfair to taxpayers and those who paid off their loans. Instead, some of these states are offering their own relief programs, such as tax credits, refinancing options, or grants for low-income students. Critics say these programs are inadequate and do not address the root causes of the student debt crisis.

  • Deepfakes: Deepfakes are videos that use artificial intelligence to manipulate someone's appearance or voice, often to make them say or do something they never did. The technology has become more accessible and realistic in recent years, raising concerns about its potential misuse for fraud, blackmail, or propaganda. However, some people are also trying to claim that real videos are deepfakes, either to avoid accountability or to sow doubt and confusion. The courts are not amused by this tactic and have ruled against such claims in several cases.


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