Pip Steals a Bracelet

Pip and Chokdee are a squirrel and a crow who live in a schoolyard in Thailand. They use their skills to help the students and teachers by finding lost items and cleaning up the playground. Read this heartwarming story of friendship and kindness.

Pip Steals a Bracelet

In a bustling schoolyard in Thailand, there lived a charming squirrel named Pip. His fur was as brown as the earth, and he had a knack for grabbing things quickly.

Pip had an unusual friend, a clever crow named Chokdee. Despite their differences, they enjoyed each other's company. Chokdee had shiny black feathers that glistened in the sunlight, setting him apart from Pip.

One day, Pip came up with an idea. He started gathering things like pencils and shiny paperclips from the school grounds and gave them to Chokdee. You see, Chokdee had a fascination for shiny objects. Pip would hide his finds in a tree, which Chokdee called home.

But one day, Pip made a mistake. He took a bracelet from a student's wrist. This made the student sad, and Pip felt terrible for causing that sadness.

Chokdee talked to Pip and explained that taking personal things wasn't a good idea. It could hurt people's feelings. Pip understood and wanted to make things right.

Together, Pip and Chokdee formed a plan to return the bracelet. They used leaves to craft notes and left the bracelet where the teacher could easily spot it. The student was overjoyed to find the bracelet and the notes. She realized that someone cared about making things right.

After that incident, Pip and Chokdee decided to use their talents to spread happiness. They became like heroes around the schoolyard. Whenever someone lost a pencil or other small item, Pip and Chokdee would use their sharp eyes to find them. They even lent a hand in cleaning up the schoolyard, picking up litter to ensure the playground was safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.

As time passed, the schoolyard transformed. In the past children chased off Pip and Chokdee out of fear for their belongings. But now, they laughed with joy whenever the two friends appeared.


  1. What kind of animals are Pip and Chokdee?
  2. What colors are they?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. Why did Pip stop stealing things?
  5. How do Pip and Chokdee help the students and teachers at the school?


  • Squirrel: A small animal with a big tail that likes to eat nuts.
  • Crow: A big black bird that makes loud noises.
  • Schoolyard: A place outside of school where kids can play.
  • Bracelet: A pretty thing you wear on your arm or wrist.
  • Levitate: To float in the air without touching the ground.
  • Litter: Trash left on the ground.
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