Remy the Reading Rat

Remy loves to read on rainy days.

Remy the Reading Rat

Once upon a time, in a cozy little burrow, there lived a rat named Remy. Remy was different from other rats because he loved to read. On sunny days, he would go out and explore the world, but on rainy days, he would stay inside and read.

Remy had a special spot in his burrow where he would curl up with a good book. He loved the sound of the rain tapping on the roof and the smell of the wet earth. It made him feel safe and warm.

One rainy day, Remy was reading a book about adventures in far-off lands. He was so engrossed in the story that he forgot to shut the burrow door. Suddenly, his tail felt wet and he looked up to see that his burrow was flooding!

Remy quickly gathered his books and climbed onto a high shelf. He sat there, shivering and wet, until the rain stopped and the water receded. From then on, Remy made sure to always check the weather and shut the burrow door before settling down to read.

But even though he had a little scare, Remy still loved to read on rainy days. There was just something special about being cozy and warm inside while the world outside was wild and wet.

Rat: a small rodent.
Read: to interpret written words.
Rainy: having rain.
Burrow: a hole or tunnel.
Cozy: warm and comfortable.
Explore: to travel and discover.
Book: a written work.
Sound: a vibration heard by the ear.
Roof: the top covering of a building.
Earth: the planet we live on.
Adventures: exciting experiences.
Far-off: distant, remote.
Splash: a sound made by water.
Flood: an overflow of water.
Shelf: a flat surface for storage.