Setting Up Ground Rules

Setting Up Ground Rules
Photo by Ashley Whitlatch / Unsplash

Here are some questions that students can ask each other to set up ground rules as roommates:

  1. Daily Routines
    • What time do you usually wake up and go to bed?
    • Do you have a specific routine in the morning or evening that you'd like to maintain?
  2. Quiet Hours
    • What hours do you prefer to have quiet time?
    • Are there specific times you need complete silence for studying or sleeping?
  3. Cleaning Responsibilities
    • How do you feel about sharing cleaning duties?
    • Do you prefer a cleaning schedule or a more flexible approach?
  4. Common Areas
    • How clean do you expect the common areas to be kept?
    • Are there any specific tasks (e.g., taking out the trash, doing the dishes) that you feel strongly about?
  5. Visitors
    • How often do you expect to have guests over?
    • Are there any specific rules you want to establish about having friends or partners over?
  6. Parties and Gatherings
    • How do you feel about hosting parties or gatherings in our shared space?
    • What kind of notice would you like to receive before someone hosts a party?
  7. Personal Space and Belongings
    • How do you feel about sharing personal items like kitchen utensils, food, or toiletries?
    • Are there any items that are off-limits or that you prefer to keep to yourself?
  8. Privacy
    • How much privacy do you need?
    • Are there times when you would prefer to be alone in the apartment?
  9. Rent and Bills
    • How should we handle paying rent and utility bills?
    • Are you comfortable with splitting costs evenly, or do you prefer another arrangement?
  10. Shared Expenses
    • Are there any shared expenses (e.g., household supplies, groceries) that we should budget for together?
    • How do you want to handle reimbursing each other for shared expenses?
  11. Conflict Resolution
    • How do you prefer to address conflicts or issues that arise?
    • Do you have any strategies or preferences for resolving disagreements?
  12. Communication Style
    • How do you prefer to communicate about household matters (e.g., text, in person)?
    • How often should we check in with each other about household concerns?
  13. Smoking, Drinking, and Pets
    • Do you smoke or drink, and how do you feel about those activities in the apartment?
    • Do you have any pets, or do you plan to get one?
  14. Dietary Restrictions
    • Do you have any dietary restrictions or preferences that we should be aware of?
    • How do you feel about cooking and eating meals together versus separately?
  15. Health and Safety Concerns
    • Are there any health conditions or allergies that I should be aware of?
    • What measures should we take to ensure each other's safety and well-being?