Simple Past Examples

Examples sentences for the simple past verb tense.

Simple Past Examples
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Simple past

The simple past tense is a verb tense used to describe completed or habitual actions that happened in the past.

Regular Verbs

Set 1:
Positive: I played the piano.
Negative: I did not play the piano.
Question: Did you play the piano?

Set 2:
Positive: She walked to school.
Negative: She did not walk to school.
Question: Did she walk to school?

Irregular Verbs

Set 1:
Positive: I came home.
Negative: I did not come home.
Question: Did you come home?

Set 2:
Positive: He went to the store.
Negative: He did not go to the store.
Question: Did he go to the store?

Irregular Verb Chart
The Cat Song

Cloze Exercise I went to the park and *played* soccer yesterday. Did you *watch* the movie that I recommended? She *lived* in New York for 10 years before moving to California. The teacher *asked* us to write a report on the Civil War. We *didn't* know that the test was going to be so hard. I *thought* about calling you, but I didn't want to bother you. They *drove* to the beach and swam all day. He *worked* hard all week and finally got a promotion. She *baked* a cake for her son's birthday. We *went* to the museum and saw the dinosaur exhibit.