The Memory of a Meal

In "The Memory of a Meal," Eve looks back on a cherished family dinner. She remembers the creamy soup, bean salad, and cheesy casserole she made, showing how shared meals can create lasting connections.

The Memory of a Meal
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash
Memory of a meal

In a bright, warm kitchen, Eve sat with a small photo album open in front of her. Each page showed pictures of laughter, tears, and many meals at her old wooden table. Today, Eve thought about a very special meal—one that was very important to her.

Many years ago, Eve wanted to make a dinner for her family. She tried to make everyone happy with her cooking. She planned to cook a big meal with creamy soup, a salad with beans, and a dish with lots of cheese. As she cooked, her kitchen smelled of herbs and the fresh, clean air from her just-washed curtains.

When the evening came, many people came to her house—her children, their friends, and some close neighbors. The table was ready: nice plates, shiny forks and spoons, and flowers in the middle. As everyone sat down, Eve felt very happy.

She served the soup first. It was hot and smelled of cream and celery. "Please, eat," she said softly but clearly. After the soup, she brought out the bean salad, which was fresh and tasty, and then the main dish, a golden, cheesy casserole. The meal was not just food; it was made with love.

Everyone talked and laughed a lot. Eve was very happy as she looked around the table. She loved these moments—the joy of eating together, the comfort of being with family and friends. The night went on, and even after the plates were clean and the food put away, the memory of that night stayed with her.

Now, years later, Eve could still remember everything—the taste of the cheese, the crunch of the beans, the happy faces of her family. It was a memory that stayed in her heart, a sign of how food can bring people together.

As Eve closed her photo album, she felt calm. Those meals, those times, they were what she gave to the people she loved. And she knew they would remember too.

Vocabulary List

  • Creamy: smooth and soft
  • Cheesy: with a lot of cheese
  • Crunch: a firm and noisy bite
  • Happy: feeling joy or pleasure
  • Calm: peaceful, not worried

Questions for Comprehension and Discussion (English / Target Language)

  1. What made Eve's meal special?
  2. Describe where the meal happened.
  3. How does Eve feel about her meal memories?
  4. Talk about a memory you have about a meal or food.