Here are some tips for getting the most out of this site.

Beginners: Don't worry if you don't comprehend everything in the passage. Focus on keeping up with the content and understanding whatever you can. If needed, refer to the translation during the initial few listens. The aim is to improve your listening skills and to naturally absorb the grammar structures. Once you've completed the vocabulary games, attempt to listen to the passage again without the transcript. Can you identify any new words?

Intermediate Learners: To gain some speaking practice, try opening the translation in your native language and then translate it back into the language you're learning. If you encounter any difficulties, you can refer to the transcripts. Although you may use these lessons for short, intense study sessions, it's important to engage in extensive listening and reading with simpler books, TV shows, and podcasts as much as possible.

Remember, the more you practice, the better you'll get!