Tom and Jerry 001

Tom and Jerry 001
Photo by Andreas Brücker / Unsplash

This story about Tom and Jerry's trip to Bangkok will be created in very short parts so that beginners can listen to each part many times. Don't worry about understanding all of the words. Just practice listening and learning a few words in context with each section.

Tom is serious while Jerry is a fun loving guy.

Tom and Jerry arrive at their hotel in Bangkok.
Tom: "Okay Jerry, we are in Thailand. Let's make the best of this trip."
Jerry: "I'm excited Tom! Have you seen how colorful everything is?"
Tom: "Yes, but we need to be careful to not get lost. This city is huge!"
Jerry: "Don't worry Tom, I have my map and my sense of adventure!"
Tom: "Adventure? Jerry, we are here for business remember? We only have a few days to explore before our meetings start."
Jerry: "Oh, right. But we can have a little fun, can't we?"