What is the Scientific Method?

What is the Scientific Method?
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The scientific method is like a path scientists follow to discover truths about the world. Here are the steps:

  1. Ask a Question: Everything starts with curiosity! Scientists see something they don’t understand and ask, “Why is that happening?”
  2. Do Some Research: Scientists look up information to learn more about their question. They might read books, articles, or ask other experts.
  3. Make a Hypothesis: A hypothesis is a guess about what might be true. It’s like saying, “I think this is happening because…”
  4. Test Your Hypothesis: Scientists do experiments to see if their guess was right or wrong. This could involve making observations, taking measurements, or doing other tests.
  5. Analyze the Results: After the experiment, scientists look at what happened. They try to make sense of the data they collected.
  6. Draw a Conclusion: Based on the results of their experiment, scientists decide if their hypothesis was correct or not.
  7. Share Your Results: Scientists tell other people about what they found out. They might write a report, give a talk, or publish their findings so others can learn from them.

Remember, science is all about asking questions and finding answers. It’s okay to be wrong - that’s how we learn new things!

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