Why Vote? (L2)

Dave and Jane discuss the importance of voting.

Why Vote? (L2)
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Introduction: Dave and Jane discuss the importance of voting.

Jane: Voting is one of the most fundamental rights we have. It is not only our duty but also an opportunity to voice our opinion and shape the future of our community, cities, and country.

Dave: I don't see the point. My vote won't make any difference.

Jane: Every vote counts, and if everyone thinks like that, nothing will ever change. It’s our responsibility to participate in democracy and make our voices heard.

Dave: But politicians never keep their promises.

Jane: That’s precisely why voting is so crucial. We have to hold them accountable. By voting, we choose who represents us, and we have the power to remove them if they don't meet our expectations. If we don't vote, we give up that power, and the politicians will continue doing what they want, disregarding the needs and desires of the people they represent.

Dave: I suppose you’re right. But what if I don't like any of the candidates?

Jane: Then vote for the one you dislike the least, or you can write in the candidate you think is best. Not voting is not an option. The candidates don't have to be perfect, but we have to vote to select the best one who will represent our values the closest.

Dave: I see what you mean. But what about people who say their vote doesn't matter because the electoral college system determines the outcome anyway?

Jane: The electoral college system has a consequence of popular votes of citizens in the state, your vote will still count. Your vote will be a part of the total number in your state, and every vote counts, especially in close elections that can be affected by only a few votes. In some cases, a single vote can make all the difference.

Dave: I guess you're right. I'll try to be more aware in future elections.

Jane: That’s great! Voting is a crucial means of ensuring that our voices are heard, and it is our responsibility to use it. By doing so, we can make a difference and impact real change in our community and our country.

Fundamental - basic or primary Duty - something you have to do Opportunity - chance Voice - express opinions Shape - to form Community - group of people Country - nation Accountability - responsibility Remove - get rid of Desires - wants Represent - speak for Perfect - no mistakes or flaws Values - beliefs Electoral college - a system of voting Outcome - result Consequence - result of something Popular votes - votes of citizens Close elections - a competition with no clear winner Impact - influence