How was your break?

Three short dialogue examples for talking about what you did over the summer break.

How was your break?
Photo by Ethan Robertson / Unsplash

Dialogue 1: Talking about a Vacation

Sarah: Hi, Tom! How was your break?

Tom: Hi, Sarah! It was good. I went to the beach.

Sarah: Wow! Did you swim?

Tom: Yes, I did. I also played volleyball.

Sarah: Sounds fun! I stayed home and read books.

Tom: Nice! What book did you read?

Sarah: I read "Harry Potter." It was great!

Dialogue 2: Discussing Family Time

Emma: Hi, Jake! How was your break?

Jake: Hi, Emma! It was fun. I visited my grandparents.

Emma: That's nice. What did you do there?

Jake: We cooked together and played board games. My grandma makes the best cookies!

Emma: Yum! I spent time with my family too. We went hiking in the mountains.

Jake: That sounds amazing! Did you see any animals?

Emma: Yes, we saw some deer and birds. It was beautiful.

Dialogue 3: Sharing About a Staycation

Lily: Hey, Mark! How was your break?

Mark: Hi, Lily! It was good. I stayed at home and watched movies.

Lily: Cool! What movies did you watch?

Mark: I watched some comedies and an action movie. What about you?

Lily: I went to my cousin's house. We played video games and had a barbecue.

Mark: That sounds fun! What games did you play?

Lily: We played "Mario Kart" and "Minecraft." It was awesome!

Mark: I love "Mario Kart"! We should play together sometime.


Dialogue 1: Talking about a Vacation

  1. What did Tom do during the break?
  2. Did Tom swim at the beach?
  3. What sport did Tom play?
  4. What did Sarah do during the break?
  5. What book did Sarah read?

Dialogue 2: Discussing Family Time

  1. Who did Jake visit during the break?
  2. What activities did Jake do with his grandparents?
  3. What is Jake's grandma good at making?
  4. Where did Emma go with her family?
  5. What animals did Emma see while hiking?

Dialogue 3: Sharing About a Staycation

  1. What did Mark do at home during the break?
  2. What types of movies did Mark watch?
  3. Where did Lily go during the break?
  4. What activities did Lily do at her cousin's house?
  5. What video games did Lily and her cousin play?